Foundation Statutes

§ 1 Name, legal form, seat

1. The name of the foundation is KNA-PROMEDIA-Stiftung, a funding initiative catering in particular for young, nationally and internationally active journalists.

2. It is a church foundation with legal capacity in accordance with Section 14, Paragraph 2 of the Foundation Act for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its seat in Bonn.

§ 2 Purpose of the Foundation

1. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote knowledgeable reporting on issues of the Catholic Church and interreligious dialogue that accurately conveys complex facts. The aim is to contribute to peace-building and the strengthening of tolerance through education and dialogue.

2. The purpose shall be realised in particular through the financial support of young journalists, both aspiring and already active nationally and internationally, in the promotion of professional training measures at home and abroad.

3. There shall be no legal entitlement of third parties to receive Foundation funds.